Prügelsteg, © Horst Dolak


There is a bilingual educational trail (German & Czech) together with a visitors‘ guide along the footpath. Visitors are pointed towards a similarly bilingual free audio guide right after the entrance into the Nature Park which orientates itself by the numerous educational charts along the path. Events organised both by the Nature Park society and non-resident companies/institutions take place in the seminar room of the centre, as for instance special presentations and seminars concerning the Nature Park (e. g. the 4-column model, renaturalization, project introduction...) or other nature-relevant topics (like organic gardening, bats, insects, fungi, light pollution, constellation, herbology, pond farming and many more).

Our educational programs are shaped by a deep passion for nature, they are groundbreaking and oriented towards the particular target audience. We strongly advocate for well-trained nature nature guides/rangers who are able to communicate experience of nature on a high level. We consolidate and inspirit both regional and Nature Park identification. Lived partnership with Nature Park school NNÖMS Heidenreichstein strengthens regional bonds and environmental awareness in local people and guests. Our nature-relevant offers are diverse and conveyed authentically. Continued education for nature guides is undertaken on a regular basis through cooperation with Hochmoor Schrems Nature Park, both theoretically and in practice, instructed by moorland experts in both Nature Parks.