hängender Stein, © Wolfgang Dolak

Nature Park rules & taking pets along

Please observe the following rules. They serve your own security, the protection of wildlife and the unique natural landscape. Therefore we expect our visitors to behave accordingly.

  • The Heidenreichsteiner Moor Nature Park Association assumes no liability in the case of damage or injury of any kind.
  • Stay on the tracks or walkable wooden constructions, parents supervise their children, teachers their students and rangers their goups.
  • Parents or responsible persons are liable for their children.
  • Playgrounds are used at one’s own risk. Take note of eventual information boards.
  • Barriers serve your security and must not be climbed or walked over or misused as seats.
  • Orders of the staff have to be complied with under all circumstances.
  • In the whole Nature Park area dogs must be kept on leads, other animal/pet species are not allowed.
  • Use dog waste bags and dispose of them properly.
  • Any utensils which might interfere with visitors or wildlife must be left in the entrance area or at home (e. g. stereo equipment, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, balls, etc.).
  • Riding bicycles is strictly prohibited in the whole Nature Park area.
  • Open fire is prohibited in the whole Nature Park.
  • Staying overnight or putting up tents is prohibited.
  • Riding, fishing and hunting is prohibited.
  • Picking and/or collecting plants or plant components is not allowed (exceptions see forestry legislation § 174  par. 3 lit. B Z 2 and lit. D).
  • Spreading plants, plant components or seeds is prohibited.
  • Private guidances are ot allowed.
  • Throwing or placing stones, wooden sticks and the like onto the ecologically sensitive zone of the moor is prohibited.
  • Entering the conservation area, visible by the sign “Gemeindeau”, out of the tracks is prohibited.
  • Please avoid any unnecessary noise.
  • The sealed path from the car park to the building must not be used with motor vehicles, bicycles or the like. Please use the parking area.
  • Do not leave any food or food waste in the Nature Park, but rather use the provided dustbins.
  • Help us to keep the park clean and use the numerous dustbins. Counteracting is liable to legal prosecution.
  • We want to point out that photos may be taken and used for press coverage or marketing purposes in the area of the Nature Park. They may be used in social media, publications and on webpages of the Nature Park Association.

On entering the Nature Park you fully accept these visitors’ regulations. A violation results in being sent off the area and possible legal measures being taken!