hängender Stein, © Wolfgang Dolak

Children‘s experiences


A large close-to-nature playground with a twin flying fox, swing, slide, balancing and stilting course, sand box, snack garden, maze, 2 play hills and much more offers variety and fun. We explicitly point to the fact that – for the sake and health of the children – dogs are not allowed in the playground.


Two alpaca males – Stefano and Santos – may be fed by visitors. Charged tours with the two animals are on offer as well. For questions and detailed information please contact Mrs Hüttner (+43 664 7974609) exclusively.  

Hanging Stone

This huge granite boulder always leaves a lasting impression on our small visitors and may be climbed with supervisors. 


From the footbridge one can enjoy a good view across the open raised bog area. Even carnivorous plants can be found along the bridge after a closer look. Stepping on this sensitive ecosystem is strictly forbidden as well as throwing stones, wooden sticks or the like onto the surface. 

Food and toys

In the Nature Park Centre you will find children’s books, toys and food for the kids.